California Sun chord and tabs

Chords and ukulele tabs for California Sun as perfomred by the Ramones. The sound of summer.

I have transposed this to C to make it easier.

The intro is just the chorus chords played through once. We’ll see those chords in a minute.

The verse has no chords in the Ramones version. Instead, there is the following riff after each line:

A        3 
E   03355 3
C 00


  1. Well I’m going out West where I belong
    Where the days are short and the nights are long
  2. Well I’m going out West down on the coast
    Where the California girls are really the most
  3. The girls are frisky in old Frisco
    A pretty little chick wherever you go, wooooah

Chorus: (and intro without the words)

And they’ll [C] walk, and I’ll [F] walk

And they’ll [C] twist, and I’ll [F] twist

And they’ll [C] shimmy, and I’ll [F] shimmy

And they’ll [C] fly, and I’ll [F] fly

Yeah [C] I’ll be out there having [A] fun

In the [F] warm Cali[G]fornia [C] sun

Here it is being performed properly:

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